9 January 2024

Census population counting at sub-municipal level as at 31 December 2019: first experimentation in 25 Italian municipalities

This paper describes the approach adopted for counting the 2019 sub-municipal census data and presents some preliminary results obtained from a trial carried out on the 25 municipalities with the largest population sizes, with sub-municipal administrative partitions
20 December 2023

Municipal Fragility Index

Istat publishes today the new Municipal Fragility Index (MFI) on the IstatData platform. The concept of municipal fragility implies the exposure of a territory to […]
Reference period: Years 2018-2019

Experimental statistic: Municipal demographic projections

Demographic projections aim to study the probable future of a population in terms of total size and structural components. This kind of product is used […]
Reference period: January 1st, 2022-2042
28 September 2023

Population and households projections

Italy tomorrow: a smaller, more heterogeneous population with more differences. The new projections of the country’s demographic future, updated to 2022, return trends that are […]
Reference period: Base 1 January 2022
7 April 2023

Demographic indicators - Year 2022

Population drops, but not to the 2020-21 biennium level   Birth rate at an all-time low, mortality still high: less than 7 newborns and more […]
Reference period: Year 2022
22 September 2022

Households and population projections

Fewer residents, more elderly, smaller families Latest population projections, updated to 2021, confirm the presence of a potential crisis scenario. A decreasing population: from 59.2 […]
Reference period: Base 1/1/2021
8 April 2022

Demographic indicators - Year 2021

Demographic development on the way to settle down Population drop by 4.3 per thousand on annual basis: an improvement compared to the -6.8 per thousand […]
Reference period: Year 2021
26 November 2021

Households and population projections

Fewer residents, more elderly, smaller families A decreasing population: from 59.6 million as of January 1, 2020 to 58 million in 2030, to 54.1 million […]
Reference period: Base 1/1/2020
5 March 2021

Impact of Covid-19 Epidemic on Mortality

This fifth Report, jointly produced by Istat and the Istituto Superiore di Sanit√† (ISS), shows an analysis of total mortality and Covid-19 deaths in the […]
Reference period: Year 2020
19 February 2021

The Italian population

Results of the Permanent Census of Population and Housing License CC-by Unless otherwise stated, content on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons License […]
Reference period: Year 2019