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Announcement and Analisys

To guarantee access to statistical surveys, to use up-to-date technologies for publishing official statistical information, to remove any barriers to the use of data. These are the aims of the Institute’s publication operations.

Section pages for Announcement and Analisys

Survey results are made available through press releases; they include forecasting and short-, medium- and long-term economic analysis and the development of microsimulation models of the effects of fiscal policies on households, businesses and institutions.
Through Paper, electronic and interactive publications and specialist publications (Rivista di statistica ufficiale, Istat Working Papers) Istat promotes and enhances the research activity, sharing the results of studies in the field of official statistics.
They are experimental statistics because they do not respect all the steps necessary to test new methodologies, to transform them into technological and organisational solutions, to verify if quality requirements and harmonisation rules are fulfilled.
A “Parliamentary hearing” is an instrument by which a Parliamentary Commission can obtain useful information to carry out its institutional activities. Government members, category representatives […]