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Permanent census of nonprofit institutions

The permanent census of nonprofit institutions provides a statistical picture of the sector  in Italy, by measuring size, organizational framework, human resources, economic and social dimensions of nonprofit institutions.

The strategy for the permanent census of nonprofit institutions is based on two key elements:

  • the use of a Statistical Register, created by Istat through integrating several administrative and statistical sources, to provide yearly updated data on the structural characteristics of the sector, including institutional structure, carried out activities and employees;
  • the sample survey, conducted periodically, to gather information also on thematic issues and to conduct time series analysis. The survey allows also verifying information on the statistical register.

The first permanent census conducted by Istat in 2016 involved a sample of about 43 thousand units. The main results were released in December 2017, by providing information on the number of nonprofit institutions active in Italy and on their main structural characteristics. In April 2018, Istat completed the statistical framework through further releases of data and in-depth analysis regarding performed activities and offered services, workers and professional categories involved, economic dimension, stakeholders and communication tools.

The next survey is planned for 2021, while in October 2019 the data containing structural characteristics in the reference year of 2017 are released from the Register of nonprofit Institutions.