International relations

Technical cooperation

Istat’s involvement in international cooperation projects has increased over the years. This growth is due to a greater awareness of the role that statistics plays in providing a source of information essential to the development of economic and social policies adopted by governments. International donors such as the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and Italy itself as a contributing partner are keen to ensure that recipient Countries of assistance funds are equipped with the means to produce official statistics that are reliable, impartial, transparent, relevant and timely – put briefly, high-quality statistics.

In this context, the activities of international cooperation are developed mainly through the Istat’s participation in initiatives that provides for technical assistance by Institute’s experts in projects that are intended to strengthen the statistical systems of third countries , resulting in transfer of knowledge, techniques, concepts, methodologies, classifications and good practices adopted and recognized at international level and by Istat.

Funding sources are mainly bilateral (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and multilateral (e.g. European Union).

Since it started the statistical cooperation activities, Istat has collaborated with countries belonging to almost all geographical areas of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Currently active projects are: