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Public use

Public use files are sets of records that can be downloaded free of charge from this website.

Istat disseminates two types of microdata for public use:

  • MIcro.STAT files are developed for some surveys starting from the corresponding scientific use file to which methods of statistical disclosure control have been applied to reduce the risk of identification of statistical units. In some cases, processing of mIcro.STAT files may produce results that differ from those published or calculated from the corresponding files for research purposes;
  • Historical public use files are developed from standard files already produced in the past; historical public use files have a different structure from mIcro.STAT due to a different methodology of statistical disclosure control;

These files are released in text format only.

How to request public use files

To acquire such files it is necessary to register in the dedicated area of the Istat website (or to authenticate for registered users) and to accept the terms of use.
European public use files are available on the Eurostat website.