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Baby names - How many babies are named...?

How many children born and registered at the Italian Registry Office in a year have the same name? Istat’s name counter will help you find an answer to these questions.

Just enter a name and the sex to obtain the time series for the number of children born in a given year and registered at the Registry Office with that name from 1999 to the last available year.

The ranking of the most popular names by year is also provided. Clicking on one of the names in the list you also get the time series for the number of children with that name.

Graphs are interactive: a descriptive tooltip is displayed when hovering the cursor on them. The icon next to the title allows you to download each graph in different formats.

Birth and fertility of the resident population contains all data from the “Iscritti in anagrafe per nascita” survey.

Source: Istat, “Iscritti in anagrafe per nascita” survey.

Information on the names of children registered at the Registry Office is processed for dissemination purposes. No statistical process is used to correct any clerical or misprint or any incompatibility between the name and sex of the child.