Experimental statistics

New indicators

This section contains all indicators produced by integrating a multiplicity of official and non-official sources.

The focus is on phenomena under investigation rather than on statistical sources used to describe them. The key concept of this category of experimental statistics is “integration” of a plurality of sources in specific indicators. The sources can be all official, combined in an experimental way, or can include non-official sources.

The introduction of new indicators in experimental statistics is conditional on the assessment of their benefits, that is the opportunity of a better or more in-depth, or else, more comprehensive description of phenomena under investigation. Such benefits should outweigh the drawbacks related to their experimental nature and therefore to the theoretical framework, quality indicators and the other limitations mentioned in the methodological note.

Most of the new indicators are available in Italian language only.

Latest releases

Social Mood on Economy Index

A daily measure of the italian sentiment on the economy based on X data Istat updates the Social Mood on Economy Index, a new experimental […]
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12 March 2024 Experimental statistic

Morphometric indices to describe Italian territory

To enrich the information assets of the geographic layers produced by Istat, it is proposed an experimentation based on the calculation of some statistical indices […]
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09 November 2023 Experimental statistic

TERRA (imporT ExpoRt netwoRk Analysis)

TERRA (imporT ExpoRt netwoRk Analysis) is a tool built to enable exploratory analysis of open data from Eurostat sources on international trade through dynamic and […]
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05 October 2023 Experimental statistic

Experimental statistic: Municipal demographic projections

Demographic projections aim to study the probable future of a population in terms of total size and structural components. This kind of product is used […]
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