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For Sistan (National Statistical System)

Files for Sistan are sets of microdata reserved for the Statistical offices or entities belonging to the National statistical system. These data are collected for statistical purposes and are not subject to further methods of statistical disclosure control.

Such files may be requested for the purpose of:

  1. implementing the National Statistical Programme;
  2. processing statistical data in connection with the institutional activities or the geographical area of the applicant. In this case, a brief description of the project must also be submitted.

Personal data with identifiers may be released only in exceptional cases, in which it is absolutely and strictly necessary to achieve the set objectives.

The request for access to the files for Sistan shall clearly state the nature of data, the subject matter and the purpose of the request.

How to request files for Sistan

Files for Sistan can be requested through the Istat Contact Centre, by selecting the service “Release of microdata” and filling out the relevant online form (facsimile)

After authorisation, data shall be released via Contact Centre