Students and teachers

Agreement with the Association of European Economics Education (AEEE-ITALIA)

Since July 2019, Istat has started a collaboration with the Association of European Economics Education (Associazione europea per l’educazione economica – AEEE-Italia), which carries out training activities for teachers within the Italian school system.

The agreement is consistent with the framework of Istat’s institutional objectives with regard to the development of statistical literacy. It has the goal of supporting the demand for statistical information through the dissemination of the Institute’s heritage of information and the use of tools and methods useful for the correct understanding of official statistics data, with training activities aimed at the school system, including in digital mode.

The joint initiatives are intended for upper secondary school teachers and students, and aim to strengthen the different areas of economic education using data and methodologies of official statistics.

This section contains Didactic Learning Units – (Unità didattiche di apprendimento – UDA) created for upper secondary school students on some sustainable development indicators on economic theme.

The aim is to offer modular learning paths in civic education that enhance students’ statistical literacy and knowledge.