For researchers

To meet the demand of detailed statistical information, Istat has developed a system of products and services to access and release of microdata – data on individual units of analysis.

As part of the release of microdata, Istat offers a research data centre: ADELE Laboratory (Laboratory for Elementary Data Analysis), a “secure” site accessible by researchers and academics enabling them to conduct their own statistical analyses on microdata from the Institute’s surveys in compliance with legislation concerning the confidentiality of personal data. The list of Istat surveys is available online.

In addition, the section promoting information exchange and collaboration between Istat and scientific societies (in Italian language) is dedicated to researchers in order to contribute to the development of knowledge and to enhance the scientific debate in the national community.

Istat, moreover, participates in IDEM, the Italian federation of authentication and authorization infrastructures, and EduRoam that makes it easier and safer to access the web and the wi-fi network provided by its member organizations.

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