The Laboratory for Elementary Data Analysis (ADELE)

What’s the ADELE Laboratory

The Laboratory for Elementary Data Analysis (ADELE) is a “safe” environment in which researchers from universities or research institutions or bodies to which the Code of conduct and professional practice applying to processing of personal data for statistical and scientific purposes applies (Annex A.4, Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30th June 2003) may conduct statistical analyses that require the use of elementary data, where information already available with other tools is not sufficient (I.Stat data warehousepublicationsdata tablesdatabasesmicrodata filescustom processing).

Within the Laboratory, data security and statistical confidentiality are guaranteed by the control of both the working methods and the results of the analyzes conducted by the users.

Once the processing is complete, the output is evaluated in terms of statistical confidentiality by the experts of the ADELE Laboratory. Only results that positively comply with the Rules for the release of results can be issued. Please note that starting from March 2016 the release rules for structural equation models and factor analysis have been specified and since June 2016 also for analysis in main components and correspondence analysis.

Access to the ADELE Laboratory is free. For detailed information on the ADELE Laboratory, refer to the User Guide.

How to request access

For a preliminary eligibility assessment the Principal researcher of an accredited research entity shall submit:

  • Research proposal
  • Confidentiality declaration of the Principal Researcher of the research proposal;
  • Confidentiality Declaration of individual Researchers involved in the project
  • Additional certification (in case of Joint projects)

This request shall be formally submitted through the Istat Contact Centre, by selecting the service “Release of microdata”.

The ADELE Laboratory (secure data centre) is in Istat headquarters (Rome, via Cesare Balbo 16) and in each regional office in Italy (except the Institute of Statistics of the Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano).

Further types of output can be requested through the Custom data processing