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To request for data

Data, publications, certifications, microdata files, cartographies and customised elaborations as well as information on harmonised European data are provided exclusively upon request to the Contact Centre. Requests shall be processed in accordance with the timeframe set out in the Service charter.

For information or advice

The users relation office is available to contact the website editorial office, to enquire about the availability of documents, to suggest improvements for the service – but not for data or publications.

Any complaint or critical issue may be submitted at the same office, which will forward them to the competent structures.

For journalists

The media relations office is available for information and support for editorial initiatives, articles and television broadcasts.

Certified email address

The Italian National Institute of Statistics has a certified email address (PEC) – – through which it can be contacted exclusively by users with a certified e-mail address.

The PEC is a qualified carrier of electronic communications. It ensures the successful transmission and delivery of electronic documents, granting them the same legal validity as traditional mail with return receipt, but only if both sender and recipient use a certified mailbox.

Users are invited not to use the PEC for requests for data or statistical information, but to forward them through the designated channel of the Contact Centre.

Italian National Institute of Statistics

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