Permanent census of enterprises

The permanent census of enterprises regularly provides a detailed picture of the Italian economic system, by gathering information about emerging issues such as enterprises’ organisation, competitiveness and environmental sustainability. To increase the quantity and quality of the information provided, while reducing the response burden on enterprises, the Permanent census strategy is based on the use of the statistical register of enterprises, by integrating several administrative and statistical sources, as well as a sample survey, which mainly gathers qualitative information.

The first permanent census took place in 2019, involving a sample of about 280,000 enterprises employing more than 3 workers. The sample represents about 24.0% of Italian enterprises, that produce 84.4% of the National added value, employing 76.7% of the workers (12.7 million) and 91.3% of employees. The sample survey has been conducted from May to October 2019 and the reference year of the gathered information is 2018.

In compliance with the statistical principles of multidimensionality, timing and granularity, the first set of information of the permanent census of enterprises has been released in February 2020. The analysis disseminated integrates structural data of enterprises with information regarding business development and strategy, as well as innovation and digitalization related issues. The data are available on Istat data warehouse.

By the end of the year further information will be disseminated regarding partnerships, internationalization, corporate social responsibilities and sector of investment.