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7th general census of agriculture

The 7th General Census of Agriculture to start on 7 January 2021.

The survey – the last one on a decennial basis – is addressed to all farms in Italy, about 1.7 million, and aims at drawing a picture of the current agricultural and livestock sector and at providing a statistical information framework on its structure at national, regional and local level.

The survey will provide information on the number of farms, the ownership of land and its use, the number of livestock, the workforce employed and the activities carried out in parallel with agricultural production, which make farms, not only goods, but also services providers. In this sense, the Census reveals the details of an activity that, although traditional, tends towards innovation and the widening of its scope of action.

Key innovations introduced in the Census operation include: the exclusively digital questionnaire, the involvement of the Agricultural Assistance Centres (CAA) in the survey network and the multichannel data collection technique.

Participation is not only a duty by law, but also a great opportunity for the country