Standard files regard a number of statistical surveys on individuals and households. They do not contain any direct identifiers and are processed using procedures that do not allow them to be linked to individual respondents. The confidentiality protection applied to these files partially limits their information content compared to the source files.

Standard files are released upon duly motivated request for study and research purposes.

To acquire standard files the requesting party must:

  • briefly describe the research content and the purposes of the data use;
  • indicate the place where the data will be stored and processed;
  • undertake to use the data only for the stated purposes;
  • undertake not to provide third parties with the microdata, allowing access, under their own responsibility, only to persons directly involved in the work for which they have been requested.

How to request standard files

Standard files can be requested through the Istat Contact Centre, by selecting the service “Release of microdata” and filling out the relevant online form (facsimile).

Standard files are no longer produced by the Institute as they are gradually being replaced by Scientific use files. Therefore, only those files that have already been disseminated can be requested.

Standard files are issued in text format, accompanied by the relevant metadata, but do not contain data import procedures.