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Istat during the Covid 19 emergency

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, and following the measures adopted by the Government to contain it, Istat has implemented a series of actions to ensure the continuity and quality of statistical production even in the emergency situation.

The Institute has reorganized data collection by sustainable acquisition techniques, innovative methodologies and use of data sources; it also provided most appropriate solutions to support statistical production processes, in full protection of workers’ health.

Official statistics are fundamental for measuring the evolution of economy and society; their production and dissemination at the service of institutions, policy-makers, families and businesses, therefore, cannot be stopped, but need to be rethought to be ready to provide the country with all necessary answers, and above all to support and monitor the future country’s recovery.

Istat has long invested in dematerialisation and can therefore ensure full operation of its databases and accessible online services.

The extraordinary measures and temporary provisions implemented by Istat are described in this page, along with clarification on the continuation of surveys and service information.

  • Press release – The health emergency and the consequent government containment measures influenced the consumer confidence climate and the business confidence climate(March 27th 2020).
  • The Eurozone Economic outlook – The dissemination of the related note is suspended because of the current difficulties in collection and interpretation of the data due to the health emergency in act (March 27th 2020).
  • Press release – COVID-19: no impacts on production of information and data (March 19th 2020).
  • Economics trends
  • Data and microdata Health
  • Data and microdata Population and Households

For journalists visit the Press room, for info ufficiostampa@istat.it.


Date of Issue: 23 March 2020