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Impact of Covid-19 Epidemic on Total Mortality of Resident Population

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This fifth Report, jointly produced by Istat and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), shows an analysis of total mortality and Covid-19 deaths in the year 2020 for the total number of deaths and for the individuals Covid-19 deaths; it also deals with the main characteristics of the epidemic and the effects on total mortality, distinguishing between the first (February-May 2020) and the second (October-January 2021) epidemic wave.

At the same time, Istat releases data on daily deaths for all municipalities updated up to December 2020. The daily mortality database, made available by Istat for monitoring of deaths, is consolidated 45 days after the date of the event through the integration of population register sources (ANPR and municipalities) with the data of the Tax Register. The Report also provides an estimate of deaths at regional level, only 15 days later than Istat availability, for all causes that occurred in January 2021.

link Mortality database

Reference period: Year 2020

Date of Issue: 05 March 2021



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