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Mortality of the resident population

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This third Report, jointly produced by Istat and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), shows an analysis of total mortality and Covid-19 deaths in May 2020 and an updating of the analysis of January-April 2020 data, already presented in the second Report.

Total mortality data analysed in the report refers to the first five months of 2020. Today Istat releases data of 7,357 municipalities (out of a total of 7,904, 93.1%, relating to 95.0% of resident population in Italy). The database, realised in Istat, is obtained thanks to the integration of population register sources (ANPR and municipalities) with the data of the Tax Register .
The Istituto Superiore di Sanità (i.e, the Italian National Institute of Health) by the decree 640, of the Italian Civil Protection of 27 February 2020, is responsible for the Italian National integrated Surveillance of cases of Covid-19.

The system contains data on all laboratory confirmed cases (i.e., by RT-PCR on nasopharyngeal swabs) of COVID-19 as for the case definition published and regularly updated online by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Data is collected daily using a secure online platform from the 19 regions and two Autonomous Provinces (AP) of the Italian territory , according to an increasingly harmonized track-record. Data collected include information on: demographics, clinical severity, comorbidities, date of symptom onset, date of diagnosis, date of death (or recovery), region of diagnosis and municipality of residence.

Data here reported are continuously updated and the decision to take as a reference the first five months of 2020 allows to carry out the analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the total mortality of the resident population on a database as consolidated as possible

Date of Issue: 10 July 2020



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