statistical literacy

21 June 2024

Fifteenth National Conference of Statistics

The fifteenth National Statistics Conference to be held in Rome on July 3-4, 2024 in-person and online
10 June 2024

SDMX Tools and Implementations

Istat has scheduled a new knowledge sharing workshop on Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange tools and implementations
28 March 2024

Italian statistics olympics 2024: team phase concluded

The rankings of the second phase (team phase) of the Italian statistics olympics, the competition aimed at students in the first four classes of upper […]
2 February 2024

Italian Statistics Olympics 2024: large participation at the national level

The individual round of the 14th edition of the Italian Statistics Olympics, aimed at students in the first four years of upper secondary schools in […]
17 January 2024

Permanent Census on school desks: training modules

The Permanent Census on School Desks provides participating primary and lower secondary school classes with a training course preliminary to the Contest, available in this […]
18 December 2023

Italian statistics olympics 2024: more than 8,000 enrolled

There are 8,034 students registered for the 14th edition of the Italian Statistics Olympics: 27.8 percent more than the previous year’s edition, consolidating the growth […]
15 December 2023

Monitoring and Evaluating the Quality of the Integrated System of Registers

The bases laid for such a system aimed at integrating information from administrative sources with data from direct surveys
6 December 2023

Second workshop on methodologies for official statistics

A focus on understanding the impact of new data sources and new methods
14 November 2023

Workshop on Methodologies for Official Statistics - Proceedings

Proceedings of the first Workshop on methodologies for official statistics, hosted by Istat on 5-6 December 2022
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