15 July 2016

Intheworld 8/2016

In a digital and information driven society, official statistics is an increasingly precious public good that has to respond to the needs of many different […]
12 June 2015

Intheworld 7/2015

A robust and appropriate statistical system is a key governance tool to implement any development strategy and to ensure the effective design, adoption and monitoring […]
22 April 2013

Intheworld 6/2013

Quality is an extremely widetopic ranging from the monitoring of a single error source, to the planning and implementation of control activity for a statistical […]
30 November 2012

Intheworld 5/2012

Policy makers, citizens and the international community are well aware of the vital role of statistics in supporting result-based management, better governance, and greater aid […]
11 June 2012

Intheworld 4/2012

Since 1993 Istat has been collaborating with the Statistical Institute of Albania to facilitate its progressive integration in the European statistical system, making this relationship the most stable and […]
16 December 2011

Intheworld 3/2011

The production of official statistics, in addition to the internationally agreed nomenclature classifications and methodologies, requires more and more the use of specialised software either […]
14 July 2011

Intheworld 2/2011

The estimation of the Informal Sector (IS) in official statistics is one of the most relevant issues to be tackled to guarantee the exhaustiveness of the National Account […]
21 March 2011

Intheworld 1/2011

After more than 15 years of technical assistance and cooperation in the statistical field, the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) is now facing a […]