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Permanent census of public institutions

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The first Permanent Census of Public Institutions concluded in 2016, covering 13,000 institutional units, which included over 100,000 local units employing more than 3,300,000 employees. The main data were released in June 2017. Further data on the structures, organisation and operating profiles of the institutions are being released gradually in 2018 through the data warehouse, reports and data tables.

The new census of public institutions takes place in 2018. Respondents will be informed by a letter from the President of ISTAT. The questionnaires must be filled in online from mid-April to September 2018.

Every two years the permanent census provides a statistically detailed overview of the structural and organisational characteristics of public bodies, focusing attention on the activity of local offices and on public administration modernisation processes.

The strategy for the Permanent Census of Public Institutions is based on two key elements. The first is the use of a statistical register, created by ISTAT through the integration of various administrative sources and statistics.

The second element is the census survey, necessary to complete the information framework, offering regularly updated data and time series analyses. It also serves for the investigation of emerging issues such as performance-oriented behaviour, adaptation to the accounting harmonisation process, digitalisation and IT security. The survey also allows the verification of information in the statistical register.