Vietnam: strengthening the Statistical System

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The project focuses on the following topics:

  • Institutional building
  • Energy
  • Envinronment and climate change
  • Dissemination
  • ICT



Overall objective. To contribute to the strengthening of the Statistical System in Vietnam in order to improve the statistical information base necessary to drive the development process of the country.

Specific objective.  To support GSO with technical assistance to enhance their statistical capacity to develop, produce and disseminate updated and reliable information on topics of crucial importance for the country and the international community such as Energy, Environment and climate change.


The staff of the GSO is the direct beneficiary of this project.
Indirectly, the statistical divisions of all Vietnamese Ministries, Government and local bodies, Universities and the international community (bilateral donors and IOs) will draw great benefit from the availability of up-to-date and reliable statistical information.

In addition, even if indirectly, the Vietnamese population will benefit from the intervention as the Government policies based on the main statistical indicators will allow to better drive the country’s processes, plans and development programs.


Contact persons

Roberta Fontana – Project Manager
ph.: +39 06 4673 2753

Marina Gandolfo – Coordinator Component 1
ph. +39 06 4673 2808

Fabio Crescenzi – Coordinator Component 2
ph. +39 06 4673 4465

Angela Ferruzza – Coordinator Component 3
ph. +39 06 4673 4776

Cristiana Conti – Coordinator Component 4
ph. +39 06 4673 2691

Carlo Vaccari – Coordinator Component 5
ph. +39 06 4673 2723

Graziella Sanna – Project Assistant
ph. +39 06 4673 2501


Last edit: 30 January 2020