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The project focuses on the following topics:

  • Institutional development and legal reforms
  • Human resources development
  • Development of statistical infrastructure
  • Data development and dissemination
  • Physical infrastructure and equipment development


The project was formally suspended from March 2020 to May 2022 due to Covid-19 Emergency , consequently the end date is postponed to March 2025.



Overall objective. To contribute to strengthening the national statistical system of Tanzania.

Specific objective. To contribute to producing and disseminating core statistics that are critical to socio-economic development, to strengthening democratic institutions and facilitating policy making, monitoring and evaluating national development programmes.


The direct beneficiary is the NBS of Tanzania. Indirect beneficiaries will be key institutional data producers and users, Ministries, Departments, Agencies, other local Government authorities, universities and researchers, civil society as a whole. In a wider perspective, the whole country will benefit from the project, as government policies based on reliable statistical data would allow to better guide and evaluate the social and economic development of the country.


Contact persons

Graziella Sanna – Project Manager
e-mail: grsanna@istat.it
ph: +39 06 4673 2501

Milena Grassia – Project Assistant
e-mail: grassia@istat.it
ph.: +39 06 4673 2495

Maria Pia Sorvillo – Coordinator Component 1
e-mail: sorvillo@istat.it
ph: +39 06 4673 2606

Angela Ferruzza – Coordinator Component 2
e-mail: ferruzza@istat.it
ph: +39 06 4673 4776

Roberto Gismondi – Coordinator Component 3
e-mail: gismondi@istat.it
ph: +39 06 4673 4929





Last edit: 08 March 2023