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The project focuses on the following topics:

  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Improvement of SDGs statistics and indicators
  • Development of databases for SDGs
  • Development of reports and other monitoring / dissemination tools
  • Development of methods and tools for SDGs indicators based on data from administrative sources



Overall objective. The project consists in capacity building support to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics – PCBS (technical assistance, training on the job, traditional training and workshops) for building up the SDGs monitoring system at the country level, provided by Istat through short term missions of its experts for each of the areas of intervention presented in this GOP.

Specific objective. The project has been approved by AICS as part of the initiative “AMAL – Human Rights and Gender Equality”, which aims at contributing to strengthening a culture of respect and protection of human rights and gender equality within the Palestinian society, through the following Specific Objectives (SOs): promotion of women’s economic empowerment and their working opportunities within the Palestinian labour market (SO1); promotion of women’s active participation to the public sphere (SO2); support to the main stakeholders of the education system to adopt tailored trainings and pedagogical tools to prevent all form of violence and enhance non-violent and non-discriminatory behaviors (SO3); enhancement of minors’ competences on children rights and preventive behaviors (SO4).
Under SO2, the project contributes to raising public awareness of the gender equality, making available to the Palestinian civil society the SDGs data and statistics needed to assess the accountability and transparency of the Public Institutions, with particular focus on gender mainstreaming processes.


The direct beneficiary is PCBS. PCBS staff will gain skills, knowledge and competencies to enhance its performance and monitoring SDG indicators. Other beneficiaries are the institutional users of SDGs data and statistics provided by PCBS (i.e Ministries, Government institutions, Universities, Civil society organisations, and the International Community).


Contact persons

Milena Grassia – Project Manager
e-mail: grassia@istat.it
ph.: +39 06 4673 2495

Last edit: 29 January 2020