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The project focuses on the following topics:

  • Institutional development
  • Improvement of IT Department performance
  • SDMX training and introduction
  • Introduction of new methodologies of GIS for statistics
  • Introduction of digitalization processes and corporate planning for the administrative work
  • Improved social statistics



Overall objective. Contribute to the enhancement of the statistical system in Lebanon by supporting the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) in its official statistics production and dissemination.

Specific objective. Providing the CAS with IT equipment, introducing statistical and technical standards, training on new tools, supporting in specific production processes, modernising its administrative infrastructure, with a view to further promoting its role within the Lebanese society.


The direct beneficiary is the CAS of Lebanon. Other beneficiaries will be the institutional users of the statistical information provided by the CAS (i.e. Ministries, Government and local bodies, Universities, and the International community). In a wider perspective, the whole country will benefit from the project, as government policies based on reliable statistical data would allow to better guide and evaluate the development processes of the country.


Contact persons

Tiziana Pellicciotti – Project Manager
e-mail tipellic@istat.it
ph. +39 06 4673 2496

Vincenzo Lo Moro – Coordinator component 1
e-mail lomoro@istat.it
ph. +39 06 4673 2522

Carlo Vaccari – Coordinator component 2
e-mail vaccari@istat.it
ph. +39 06 4673 2723

Francesco Rizzo – Coordinator component 3
e-mail rizzo@istat.it
ph. +39 06 4673 2652

Pina Grazia Ticca – Coordinator component 4
e-mail ticca@istat.it
ph. +39 06 4673 4890

Silvia Losco – Cooordinator component 5
e-mail losco@istat.it
ph. +39 06 4673 2701

Maria Pia Sorvillo – Coordinator component 6
e-mail sorvillo@istat.it
ph. +39 06 4673 7255


Last edit: 03 February 2020