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Istat celebrates its 90 years of history

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The history of the National Institute of Statistics began in 1926 when law n.1162 entrusted to the then Central Institute of Statistics the mandate to coordinate surveys, data processing and dissemination. Previously these activities had been performed by different public authorities since 1861.

That first mandate set forth the recognition of statistics as a value for knowledge, and the importance of reorganising the whole system of statistical surveys by means of gathering them under one single independent body.
All along these years Istat has permanently recorded the development of events that have changed the Italian society and the country. Istat has contributed writing crucial chapters of the Italian history.

Celebrations for Istat’ s 90th anniversary include a variety of initiatives:

  • historical-documentary and celebrating activities to enhance and promote official statistics and the Institute’s cultural and historical heritage
  • scientific events to foster, jointly with the research community, both thematic and methodological reflections on the country changes emerging from the analysis of official statistics
  • popular-educational initiatives to raise awareness throughout the country on the role of the Institute along history and before future challenges, promoting Istat’s value as an information infrastructure in the country.

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Last edit: 19 May 2017