Bes at local level

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The debate on measuring equitable and sustainable well-being (Bes) involves more and more citizens, stakeholders and policy-makers at the local level. Therefore ISTAT started two pilot projects to deepen the measurement of the Bes framework at the local level with the cooperation of local institutions, also exploring the information potential of their administrative archives.

The challenge is being able to make these projects the key instruments for the functioning of territorial institutions in order to provide a shared framework of reference to the public debate on local policies and to promote social reporting and accountability by policy makers on the state of the cities and provinces.

In 2018 ISTAT issues for the first time a system of Bes indicators at local level, related to the 110 Italian provinces and metropolitan cities (Nuts3 level). This is the first result of the project “Bes measures at local level”, that was started to settle and regularly update a set of indicators that is at the same time useful to meet the statistical information needs at local level and consistent and integrated with the framework applied at national level.

Bes measures at local level

  • Dataset Bes at local level 2020 edition

For more details please refer to the Italian version.

Last edit: 12 October 2020