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Istat indicators for the United Nations sustainable development goals

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The United Nations Statistics Division entrusted Istat, like other NSOs, with the task of coordinating the production of indicators for measuring sustainable development and monitoring its objectives.

Periodically, Istat presents an update and an extension of breakdowns of the set of statistical measures for monitoring Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 Agenda. Istat publishes yearly the Report on SDGs.

Last update: 9th August 2021

The statistical measures are disseminated in four data files:

The statistical measures disseminated are 354 (of which 326 different) for 135 UN-IAEG-SDGs indicators. The last release updates 119 statistical measures respect to March 2021 and introduces 30 new measures.

Data are complemented with the metadata of the disseminated statistical measures included into an xlsx file.

A dashboard for data and charts displaying is also available.

Note: On the 21st of September 2021, the “Statistical measures for years 2004-2021” and “Statistical measures for years 2004-2021 by gender” files were replaced for revisions on the indicators 01SAL002 – Healthy life expectancy at birth and SDG-4 – Nurses and midwives

Last edit: 21 September 2021