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Population and households

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National demographic balance

In 2017 the decrease of population was going on: as of December 31st, Italy had 60,483,973 inhabitants

Reference period: Year 2017


Date of Issue: 13 June 2018

The demographic future of the Country

The resident population is estimated to be equal to 59 million in 2045 and 54.1 million in 2065

Reference period: Years 2017-2065


Date of Issue: 03 May 2018

Lone mothers

In 2015-2016 on average slone-parent households with one minor child were 1 million 34 thousand

Reference period: Years 2015-2016


Date of Issue: 19 April 2018

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Generations on the web

Istat created an infographic on generations living in the digital era

Date of Issue: 08 June 2018

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Annual report 2018

A summary of the Annual Report 2018 on the state of Italy is now available in English

Reference period: Year 2017


Date of Issue: 28 June 2018

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