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Permanent census of enterprises

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The triennial permanent census of enterprises provides a detailed picture of the current situation of Italian enterprises, with particular focus on aspects concerning the organisation of enterprises, the adoption of new technological paradigms and the potential impact on the creation of new professional profiles.

The first permanent census will take place in 2019. Respondents will be  informed by letter from the President of Istat sent via PEC (certified electronic mail) and questionnaires must be filled in online.

The purpose of the new census methods is to increase the quantity and quality of the information offer provided, while seeking to reduce the  response burden on economic operators and the overall costs of production of official statistics. The strategy for the permanent census of enterprises is based on two key elements:

  • the use of the statistical register of enterprises, created by ISTAT through the integration of several administrative and statistical sources, thus providing continually updated data on the structural characteristics of the sector
  • a sample survey, with predominantly qualitative questions. This is necessary for the completion of the data set, offering regularly updated data and time series analyses. Each session involves a limited number of enterprises (between 100,000 and 200,000 units) based on a representative sample