Contests and prizes

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Statistics Olympiad. The competition is organized by the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) in collaboration with the Italian National Institute of Statistics. It is aimed at students of the upper secondary school. For the first time, it is part of European Statistics Competition.

PlayStat. The statistics that entertains! Competition of ideas created by the Italian National Institute of Statistics in collaboration with the Italian Statistical Society, with the aim of stimulating the process of statistical literacy and the promotion of statistical culture through the technique of ‘gamification’ (Year 2017).

ISLP Poster Competition. International competition for creating statistical posters to promote statistical literacy across the world, among young.

The Local Development I would like: equitable and sustainable. The contest is promoted by Articolo Novantanove (Association of Councillors already CNEL) in partnership with ANP, the National Association executives and high professionalism of the school (Year 2016).

Let’s do statistics! The contest is aimed at lower secondary schools, and it is promoted by Istat/Advanced School for Statistics and Socio-economic Analyses and Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, with the sponsorship of the Bank of Italy (School-year 2013-2014).

Last edit: 30 August 2018