Contests and prizes

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Recurring competitions

Islp Poster competition. International competition for creating statistical posters organized within the International Statistical Literacy Project. The competition is addressed to school students worldwide. From the 2018-2019 edition it is open to university students (Bachelor’s degree), and from the 2020-2021 edition it is also open to lower secondary schools students. Aim is at increasing the awareness of official statistics as a tool to understand everyday reality among young people. The competition takes place every two years.  The winners of the national phase were announced on February 19, 2021

Italian Statistics Olympics. Organized by Istat and the Italian Statistical Society (SIS), the competition  is open to students of the upper secondary school. From 2018 the Olympics are the national phase of the European Statistics Competition. The competition takes place every year and registrations for the 2020-2021 edition start from October 2020.

Expired competitions

The Permanent Census at school A project promoted by Istat in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. It is aimed at explaining to young people the main innovations introduced by the Permanent Censuses and at increasing the awareness of the importance of statistics to understand reality. Students of primary and lower secondary schools were involved in an informative project, focused on “Census and territory”, and in a competition of ideas. Every class created a paper to describe the territory they live in through statistical data. The contest closed on May 15, 2020. The award ceremony took place on June 19, 2020.

Lost in Istat: telling  stories through statistics. Contest for youtubers organized by Istat to foster and promote the creation of a trailer for a web series. The series, realized by youtubers, authors, storytellers, show the use of data, figures and statistics in everyday life through a storytelling (Year 2018).

PlayStat. The statistics that entertains! Competition of ideas created by the Italian National Institute of Statistics in collaboration with the Italian Statistical Society, with the aim of stimulating the process of statistical literacy and the promotion of statistical culture through the technique of ‘gamification’ (Year 2017).

The Local Development I would like: equitable and sustainable.  Contest  promoted by Articolo Novantanove (Association of Councillors already CNEL) in partnership with ANP, the National Association executives and high professionalism of the school (Year 2016).

Let’s do statistics!  Prize contest for the best work realized by a group of students, a class or a group of classes of the lower secondary school. It is promoted by Istat/Advanced School for Statistics and Socio-economic Analyses and Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, with the sponsorship of the Bank of Italy (School year 2013-2014).

Census at school. Prize contest addressed to students of all school levels of Campania region with the aim of encouraging the web filling of their family questionnaire for the 15th Census (Year 2012).

Join the 2011 Census. Contest promoted to increase the filling of questionnaires by citizens, most of all via web. With the participation of primary, lower and upper secondary schools of the Municipality of Naples (Year 2012)

Grandparents and nephews together through the Internet. Video realized by the roman school “Pirelli” with the help of the Istat office for promotion of statistical literacy, in order to promote statistical literacy among young people (Year 2011).

Last edit: 22 February 2021