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Updating of Bes indicators

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Istat releases the half-yearly update of the indicators on Equitable and sustainable well-being (Bes).

This update provides for the alignment of data on the Bes indicators with the updates of the Bes indicators at local level and measures for monitoring Sustainable Development Goals recently released by Istat.

20 indicators were updated and, in some cases, revisions in the time series were carried out.

The update is disseminated in three files in .xlsx format, to facilitate customised consultation of Bes indicators, jointly considering different domains, multiple indicators, different selections of the territories and the available breakdowns (gender, age group and level of education).

A first file contains data by region, geographical distribution and, when available, by gender; a second file contains data for indicators available by age and gender; a third file contains, for the indicators for which it is possible, the classification by level of education, age and gender.

The metadata for the 153 Bes indicators are contained in a separate file.

To facilitate the visualisation of the indicators, the web-based database query system is also being updated with interactive graphs, enriched with new functions that allow the analysis of territorial profiles and comparisons between territories (dashboard in Italian only).

Updated indicators by domain


  • Road accidents mortality rate (15-34 years old)

Education and training

  • Inadequate level of literacy (students in grade 8)
  • Inadequate level of numeracy (students in grade 8)

Work and life balance

  • Incidence rate of fatal occupational injuries or injuries leading to permanent disability

Economic well-being

  • Disposable income inequality
  • People at risk of poverty
  • Absolute poverty (incidence)
  • Severe material deprivation rate
  • Severe housing deprivation
  • Great difficulty in making ends meet
  • Very low work intensity
  • Housing cost overburden rate

Landscape and cultural heritage

  • Current expenditure of Municipalities for culture
  • Impact of forest fires


  • Soil sealing from artificial land cover

Innovation, research and creativity

  • Patent propensity

quality of services

  • Beds in the residential social-healthcare and social-welfare facilities
  • Seat-Km of public transport networks
  • Overall Fixed Very High Capacity Network (VHCN) coverage
  • Hospital beds in high-care wards

Date of Issue: 04 November 2022



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