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MIMOD - Mixed Mode Designs for Social Surveys

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11-12 April 2019
Centro Congressi Cavour
Via Cavour, 50/A

By invitation only

Istat announces the Final Workshop of the European project MIMOD – Mixed Mode Designs in Social Surveys that will take place in Rome, 11-12 April 2019. The MIMOD project is financed by a Eurostat Grant and aims at supporting the use of mixed-mode designs in social surveys with a focus on the use of web and multiple devices.

The major results achieved by the MIMOD project will be presented and discussed at the Workshop with the purpose of providing the European Statistical Institutes with methodological, strategical and organisational guidance for the adoption of mixed-mode designs and the use of multiple devices in social surveys.

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The slides of the workshop are available below

11 APRIL 2019

Keynote speech – De Leeuw
MIMOD overview – Signore

Session 1 – WP1
WP1 Overview – Murgia
WP1 Mixed-mode designs – Lo Conte
WP1 Adaptive Survey Designs – Schouten
WP1 Conclusions – Murgia
WP1 Discussion – Beck

Session 2 – WP2
WP2 Overview and key issues – Luzi
WP2 Case study – DeVitiis
WP2 Cost-benefit re-interview – Schouten
WP2 Conclusions – Luzi
WP2 Discussion – Szymankiewicz

Session 3 – WP3
WP3 Data Collection Systems – Plate
WP3 Discussion – Zeleny

12 APRIL 2019

Keynote speech – Biffignandi

Session 4 – WP4
WP4 Mixed-mode questionnaire designs – Gravem
WP4 Discussion – Björnram

Session 5 – WP5
WP5 Overview – Schouten
WP5 Fitness criteria – Meertens
WP5 Usability tests – Gravem and Meertens
WP5 Sensor data – Schouten
WP5 Discussion – Sauli

MIMOD Closing – Signore

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Event Date: 11 April 2019