Infographic on the Italian Population and housing in 2019 (Permanent Census of Population and Housing data)

    19 February 2021

  • Postcard from Italy

    Infographic on the Tenth Italian day of statistics

    20 October 2020

  • Stereotypes about gender roles

    Infographics on stereotypes about gender roles and the social image of sexual violence in Italy

    20 October 2020

  • Road accidents

    Infographic on road accidents in Italy in 2019

    23 July 2020

  • Daily Movements before Covid-19

    Infographic on the daily movements on the Italian territory in 2019

    03 June 2020

  • Italian national museums

    Infographic on the performance and scenarios of the Italian national museums

    03 June 2020

  • Gender-based violence during Covid-19

    Infographic on victims of gender-based violence at the time of Covid-19 updated

    14 May 2020

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