Daily Movements before Covid-19

Infographic on the daily movements on the Italian territory in 2019

03 June 2020

Italian national museums

Infographic on the performance and scenarios of the Italian national museums

03 June 2020

Gender-based violence during Covid-19

Infographic on victims of gender-based violence and stalking at the time of Covid-19

14 May 2020

Computers and tablets in the Italian households

Computers, tablets and access to the Internet in the Italian households

08 May 2020

People aged 75 and older in Italy

Infographic on the life aspects of people aged 75 and over

07 May 2020

The Italian Public Health Sector

Infographic on the Italian Public Health Sector in 2018

06 May 2020

Social Protection in Italy and Europe

The expenditure on social protection in Italy and Europe

05 May 2020

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