• Homicides’ perpetrators and victims in Italy

    Italy is one of the safest countries as regards the risk of being victims of intentional homicides

    23 March 2021


    Infographic on the Italian Population and housing in 2019 (Permanent Census of Population and Housing data)

    19 February 2021

  • Postcard from Italy

    Infographic on the Tenth Italian day of statistics

    20 October 2020

  • Stereotypes about gender roles

    Infographics on stereotypes about gender roles and the social image of sexual violence in Italy

    20 October 2020

  • Road accidents

    Infographic on road accidents in Italy in 2019

    23 July 2020

  • Daily Movements before Covid-19

    Infographic on the daily movements on the Italian territory in 2019

    03 June 2020

  • Italian national museums

    Infographic on the performance and scenarios of the Italian national museums

    03 June 2020

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