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The report on equitable and sustainable well-being (Bes) is published every year together with the updated set of indicators.

It is not just an editorial product but a line of research, a process that takes the multidimensionality of well-being as a starting point and, through the analysis of a wide set of indicators, describes in a comprehensive way the quality of life in Italy.

Organized in 12 chapters, each corresponding to one well-being domain, the publication also proposes an initial summary chapter, which, in the 2021 Report, focuses on analysing the European picture of the pandemic’s development, examining its effects in terms of excess mortality and employment crisis.

Every annual report issued so far is accompanied by a statistical annex with all the available indicators and disaggregations.

Bes Report 2021
Bes Report 2020
All the BES Report edition

Last edit: 07 March 2023