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Education and training

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Educational attainment and labour market outcomes

In 2017, 60.9% of 25-64 year-olds attained at least upper secondary education

Reference period: Year 2017


Date of Issue: 13 July 2018

Books production and reading

In 2016 the share of book readers decreased from 42% of 2015 to 40.5%

Reference period: Year 2016


Date of Issue: 27 December 2017

Public offer of nurseries

Children enrolled in nurseries and other supplementary services for children are 197,328 in the 2014/2015 school year

Reference period: 2014/2015 school year


Date of Issue: 12 December 2017

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If we were 100

On the occasion of the release of the Italian Statistical Yearbook 2016, Istat represents in an infographic some characteristics of residents in Italy in 2016

Date of Issue: 29 December 2016


Annual report 2018

A summary of the Annual Report 2018 on the state of Italy is now available in English

Reference period: Year 2017


Date of Issue: 28 June 2018

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