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2023 SDGS Report. Statistical information for 2030 agenda in Italy

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2023 SDGS REPORT ( pdf, 23 Mb)
Edition year: 2023
Series: Letture statistiche – Temi
Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-88-458-2136-3

Istat disseminates the sixth edition of Sustainable Development Goals Report. The 17 SDGs, and the 169 specific targets in which they are declined, balance the three dimensions of sustainable development, extending the 2030 Agenda from the social pillar to the economic and environmental pillars, to which is added the institutional dimension. There are numerous references to the well-being of people and to an equitable distribution of the benefits of development, intra generational and intergenerational.

In 2023 SDGs Report, the statistical measures disseminated are 372 (of which 342 unique) for 139 UN-IAEG-SDGs indicators.

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Reference period: 2023

Date of Issue: 02 May 2024


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