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Navigator of the classification of crimes

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The classification navigator is a tool that allows you to select, according to defined parameters, the tables of the catalog of crimes, the synthetic classification, the analytical classification, the international classification of crimes (ICCS) and the transversal groups of crimes, obtaining from them, the subset of interest according to the parameters set. Also allowing, by qualifying the name, the navigation between the tables.

In particular, starting from an element of the catalog of offenses, it allows to know, according to the hierarchical tree, to which groups of the synthetic classification link in use in Istat and which item or to which items of the analytical classification link this element belongs; it allows to know the correspondence of that element with the item of the international classification of crimes (ICCS) by showing its hierarchical tree; it also allows to know which transversal groups of crime it belongs to.

The navigator also allows you to do the reverse path, that is to know, starting from any item of the classifications or starting from one of the transversal groups of crimes, the element or elements of the associated catalog of offences.

Note: This page groups all the search methods tools present in the specific sections by topic, pages to which reference should be made for further information on each type of classification