Paper, electronic and interactive publications

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Istat publishes a wide range of publications. Most of them are available in Italian only, but some are also in English language.

GENERAL PUBLICATIONS Analyses and data on the state of the Country observed from multiple points of view

THEMATIC REPORTSIn-depth studies on specific social or economic aspects:

SPECIALIST PUBLICATIONS Through specialist publications Istat promotes and enhances the research activity, sharing the results of official statistical studies

[to contact the editorial staff or to send papers, please email]

[to contact the editorial staff or to send papers, please email]

WEB PUBLICATIONS Interactive products, rich in visual content, designed primarily for online use

OTHER PUBLICATIONS Conference proceedings, analysis and thematic studies, works in partnership with other bodies

OTHER DISSEMINATION PRODUCTS Analysis and brief insights on the evolution of particular phenomena

All Istat publications are available on this website for consultation and can be downloaded for free in the pdf format. Printed publications can be consulted in the Istat Library or purchased by writing to


Last edit: 14 April 2021