Day-time population for study and work

Istat publishes the 2017 update related to the “Day-time population for study and work – 2016” Experimental Statistics, released on 9 March 2020. Many studies […]
Reference period: Year 2017

Day-time population for study and work

Many studies on the settlement population modalities and on the urbanisation dynamics show how, in the cities, some types of non-resident populations live together with […]
Reference period: Year 2016
4 December 2019

CLV_AP-IT Ontology

CLV_AP-IT ontology is the Application Profile of the Italian Core Location Vocabulary. The ontology is the result of the joint work between Istat, Italian Revenue […]
9 January 2013

Environmental expenditure of Italian regions

The 2004-2010 time series of regional administrations’ environmental expenditure are calculated through the budget analysis methodology: every single expenditure item of the regional administrations’ public […]
Reference period: Years 2004-2010
9 April 2010

Livestock pressure on the environment

Istat has used a time-series analysis (from 2002 to 2008) of agro-ecosystems in Italy to derive an indicator of the environmental pressure exerted by livestock. […]
Reference period: Anni 2002-2008