Note on Italian economy

The report on Italian economy for the months of May and June 2024 now online
Reference period: May-June 2024
6 June 2024

Italy's Economic outlook 2024-2025

The Italian GDP is expected to grow by 1% in 2024 and by 1.1% in 2025, showing a moderate acceleration compared to 2023. In 2024, […]
Reference period: Years 2024-2025
10 May 2024

Report on Italian economy

In the first part of 2024, international economic activity continued to show some resilience. Inflation decelerated more rapidly than expected, and labor market conditions remained […]
Reference period: March-April 2024
12 March 2024

Report on Italian economy

The global economy at the beginning of 2024 remains characterized by subdued growth prospects, penalized by a phase of high uncertainty on the evolution of […]
Reference period: January-February 2024
11 January 2024

Monthly report n

At the end of 2023, international economic perspectives remain uncertain due to geopolitical tensions, the resolution of which is not imminent, and still tight financial […]
Reference period: November-December 2023
5 December 2023

Italy’s Economic Outlook 2023-2024

Italian GDP is expected to grow by 0.7% in both 2023 and 2024, slowing down compared to 2022. During the two-year forecast period, the increase […]
Reference period: Years 2023-2024
10 November 2023

Monthly report on Italian economy no

International economic perspectives remain uncertain due to escalation of geopolitical tensions and tighter financial conditions for households and firms. In the third quarter, in Italy […]
Reference period: October 2023
10 October 2023

Monthly Report on Italian economy

Different cyclical positions of main countries and uncertainty on inflation’s future evolution characterise the Global environment. The decisions of main Central Banks will be likely […]
Reference period: September 2023
11 September 2023

Monthly report on Italian economy

International economy is decelerating characterized by heterogeneous performances across sectors and countries, decreasing although still high inflation and tight financial conditions which affect negatively domestic […]
Reference period: August 2023
4 August 2023

Monthly report on Italian economy

Global economy growth rate is slowing with heterogeneous performances among regions and sectors. Inflation is decelerating in almost all countries with a more gradual path […]
Reference period: July 2023