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SDMX Web service for Istat data

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Istat database, available through I.Stat dissemination system, is also fully accessible in machine-to-machine mode through the ISTAT webservice, which uses the standard protocol Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX), adopted for statistical data transmission by the most important international organizations.

Starting from July 2022, Istat will progressively display its data through a new dissemination system, the IstatData, natively based on SDMX-RI. This system will guarantee better usability of data, thanks to dashboards, graphs, customizable layouts and filterable datasets.

The relative diffusion in machine-to-machine mode will take place through following End-Point: https://esploradati.istat.it/SDMXWS

The new dissemination system will run alongside the old one until the end of 2022. In 2023 will be removed I.Stat and old webservice.

In order to ensure the display continuity of the data acquired through the webservice, users are advised to modify their SDMX queries by the end of 2022.

New web service will maintain compatibility with the previous one for most of the artifacts used; codelist and dataflow will remain unchanged.

However, users will have to consider the following small differences:

  • Query REST: for some dataflows the position of the dimensions will change (in the corresponding DSD).
  • Query SOAP: for some dataflows the name of the dimensions will change (in the corresponding DSD).

To facilitate queries conversion, Istat provides a simple excel tool that will allow users:

  • Automatically modify the REST queries on new environment, starting from queries prepared for the old webservice (single query tool, multiple query tool).
  • Compare names of dimensions on the two environments, starting from the dataflow (tool for dataflow search and dimension transcoding).

Endpoint for data access

For each of the following Root URL

the following five Endpoints are available

  • Standard SDMX v2.0
  • SDMX v2.0 with Eurostat extensions
  • Standard SDMX v2.0 (No extra element)
  • Standard SDMX v2.0 with Eurostat extensions (No extra element)
  • Standard SDMX v2.1

Excel Tool

Excel tool for the queries conversion (xlsm) for the use on new webservice


What basic IT equipment you need to access data dissemination service via web service?
You need an internet connection and a device for its use.

Which operating system must the computers that access the data dissemination service via web service have?
Operating system and software application environment of machines that connect, does not affect the query web service.

Is access to data dissemination service via web service free?
Yes. Access to data dissemination service via web service is free

How can I query web service?
You can webservice via SOAP queries or via REST queries. You can built applications in all software development environments that support the definition of objects for connecting to web service.
It is also possible to submit queries to data dissemination web service using any web debugger or using client tools made available by Eurostat in its SDMX Reference Infrastructure.

Where can I find SDMX documentation?
On http://sdmx.org or on Eurostat SDMX Infospace.

Where can I find SDMX Istat API documentation?
On https://developers.italia.it/it/api/istat-sdmx-rest.html

Last edit: 17 November 2023