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The Permanent Census on school desks

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The Permanent Census on school desks project, promoted by Istat, thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, is aimed at primary schools (third, fourth and fifth classes) and lower secondary schools (first, second and third classes).

Created within the Integrated Communication Campaign of the Permanent Censuses, since 2021 it has become one of the Institute’s current activities. Addressed to the younger generations, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of the Permanent Census of Population and Housing and of the role played by statistics in knowing and understanding territorial phenomena.

The project was launched in October 2019 and is held annually. It consists of an information/training course, linked to a Contest divided into a statistical competition, titled “Censigare”, and a competition of ideas, centered on the theme “Census and Territory”. Each class group, led by a leading teacher, after testing their own skills during the national challenge, is asked to prepare a creative project telling the story of their territory through the use of statistical data.

The fourth edition started in October 2022 and ended on May 31, 2023. To find out about the winners, the Creative Projects that received special mention and the top twenty winners, visit the dedicated page.

For all documents regarding the 2022/23 School Year, see the news dedicated to the fourth edition of the initiative.

For more information, visit the website school.censimentigiornodopogiorno.it or write to censimento.scuola@istat.it

Last edit: 18 August 2023