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Statistics, why?

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Why statistics, indeed? If the Greeks and Romans were already convinced of its usefulness and, even before, evidence of statistical practices was found in most ancient civilizations, it means that statistics has been our friend for a long time.

To better understand the applications and value of this discipline, we offer you some testimonies from the voices of those who have chosen to study and work every day with numbers and percentages. The voices will alternate over time, as statistics has many aspects to know.

We are well aware that some of the terms we read in newspapers or listen to on Tv may seem cryptic. This is the reason why we always use an essential lexicon, and with the help of short animations we try to shed light on issues that are frequently talked about, simplifying technicalities as much as possible.

Finally, quantitative information often reverses some clichés. Would you like to find out which ones?


Note: At the moment, most of the content is only available in Italian