Teaching materials

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Istat makes available other useful materials for primary schools and for lower and upper secondary schools:

  • Schoolofstatistics-lab. An interactive laboratory dedicated to teachers and students of upper secondary schools. The lab is aimed at constructing and analysing statistical indicators. It can be useful also for university students that deal with the basis of statistics and for school teachers on Invalsi subject matters.
  • Let’s do statistics! The contest is aimed at lower secondary schools, and it is promoted by Istat and Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, with the sponsorship of the Bank of Italy (School year 2013-2014).
  • Statistics for examples is an attempt to explain the use of statistics, information gathering, and data representation through examples of daily life, such as reading newspapers, football matches, athletics, the value of money.
  • Introduction to statistics with Excel offers some tutorials on using Excel for analysis and data representations. Goal is to provide the ability to approach statistical data with a critical attitude.









Last edit: 06 October 2020