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The Laboratory for Elementary Data Analysis (ADELE)

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What’s the ADELE Laboratory

The Laboratory for Elementary Data Analysis (ADELE) is a “safe” environment in which researchers from universities or research institutions or bodies to which the Code of conduct and professional practice applying to processing of personal data for statistical and scientific purposes applies (Annex A.4, Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30th June 2003) may conduct statistical analyses that require the use of elementary data, where information already available with other tools is not sufficient (I.Stat data warehouse, publications, data tables, databases, microdata files, custom processing).

Within the Laboratory, data security and statistical confidentiality are guaranteed by the control of both the working methods and the results of the analyzes conducted by the users.

Once the processing is complete, the output is evaluated in terms of statistical confidentiality by the experts of the ADELE Laboratory. Only results that positively comply with the Rules for the release of results can be issued. Please note that starting from March 2016 the release rules for structural equation models and factor analysis have been specified and since June 2016 also for analysis in main components and correspondence analysis.

Access to the ADELE Laboratory is free. For detailed information on the ADELE Laboratory, refer to the User Guide.

How to request access

To access the ADELE Laboratory, the requesting body must be recognized as a research institution by Comstat on the basis of criteria that can be established (Article 5-ter paragraph 1, letter a) of the legislative decree) or be part of the list of research entities recognized by Eurostat (Regulation (EU) No. 557/2013).

For more information and in order to proceed with the application for recognition, you can consult the section dedicated to the recognition procedure.

Researchers who belong to an institution included in the list of recognized entities may submit to the Sistan data owner a research proposal, which may contain the request for access to elementary data files without any references allowing the direct identification of statistical units. In this case access to the elementary data files can take place within specific laboratories. The request must indicate the person in charge of the research project, who must be a professor or a researcher belonging to a university, institute or research body, or a member of a scientific society, and describe the project underlying the work, by explaining the scientific goals and the relevance of the requested data.

Once completed, the form must be sent to the Laboratory Secretariat (rilasciomicrodati@istat.it) to allow a preliminary eligibility analysis; the complete request, after the analysis carried out by the Laboratory Secretariat, must be signed and sent, complete with all the necessary documentation, through one of the following methods:

What data and tools are available?

At the Laboratory it is possible to analyze:

  • the elementary data collected and validated by Istat through the various surveys on individuals, families and businesses;
  • some databases, which integrate different sources, designed to promote the expansion of information at the level of a single company integrated files.

To identify the data of interest, it is possible to:

Users who access the Laboratory are provided with various software tools (SAS, Stata, R, Spss). There is no methodological / technical assistance to users, as the service is intended for specialist users.

What results can be obtained?

The admission of the request does not constitute any commitment for ISTAT to release the output, as the elaborations must positively pass the Rules for the release of the results; other types of output can be requested through the service of Customized Processing.

Where is it?

The Laboratory is available at the headquarters of the Istat of Rome in via Cesare Balbo 16 and at the local offices (with the exception of the Statistical Institute of Statistics of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano).

To access to Secure use files the Principal Researcher has to submit the following documentation to Istat (as provided for in Annexes 3-6 of COMSTAT Directive no. 11/2018):

  • Research proposal application form (Annex 3) doc | pdf
  • Confidentiality declaration of the Principal Researcher (Annex 4) doc | pdf
  • Confidentiality declaration of the Individual Researchers (Annex 5) doc | pdf
  • Additional certification of Contact persons for microdata requests (in case of Joint projects) (Annex 6) doc | pdf
  • Output release rules (Annex 7) | docpdf |

Last edit: 29 September 2020