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The main means of staff recruitment used by Istat involves selection procedures, in accordance with the constitutional principle that requires open, public recruitment competitions to be held in order to select candidates for public administration positions (Article 97 of the Constitution) and with Article 35 of Legislative Decree no. 165/01 (“General rules concerning employment in public administration”).

In addition, selection may take place without recourse to open recruitment competitions, through employment of registered candidates for positions and profiles for which the sole requirement is that candidates have completed their compulsory education and candidates belonging to protected categories as provided for by Law no. 68/99, as well as invitations to application by victims of terrorism and organised crime.

Recruitment procedures are published in the Official Gazette and on this website.

The Institute’s staff is organised in three areas: research, technological, and administrative. Each area includes several professional profiles, divided into nine salary levels: the highest level is the first, while subsequent levels constitute lower scales on the pyramid.

Full texts of Istat’s competitions and selections are only available in Italian.

Last edit: 18 April 2011