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Play and learn

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Which is the most effective way to learn? Definitely, the one that goes along with enjoyment. Accordingly, this section proposes to its readers a series of games to test their knowledge of data, while the most daring are suggested to participate in the competitions   that Istat periodically launches.

Furthermore, we will surprise you by telling you statistical concepts through the charm of fairy tales while, with the help of simple exemplary stories, we will try to explain how to calculate averages, medians and other statistical formulas. The ability of statistics to describe realty is shown with the help  of some videos.

Of course, we have not forgotten the youngest, and we have dedicated them the Kids’ ABC, a series of presentations to interact with alone or with the help of a teacher or a parent.

Now, there is nothing left to do, but wish you to have fun and enjoy your learning experience.

Note: At the moment, most of the content is only available in Italian