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When statistical data and images come together, everything becomes clearer. Easier to memorise because our brain is stimulated in a complementary way. This is what infographics are for, they mix numbers, shapes and colours and allow us to perceive phenomena more directly.

Here we offer you some of them, but through the link at the bottom of the page you can explore all the infographics produced by Istat. Click on the images to zoom in on the infographics.

  • Tenth Italian day of statistics-Postcard from Italy-infographic
    Postcard from Italy | 2016-2020

    This infographic describes our country, offering a snapshot of some of its crucial aspects: from the characteristics of the territory to digitisation, passing through its population, education, work, business and culture.
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  • Living conditions
    Living conditions: how happy are we? | 2019

    Chatting with friends, playing board games with the family, enjoying your passions and hobbies, feeling fit and taking care of yourself, having a job and sound economic conditions: are we satisfied with our life?
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  • Cinema
    Cinema: 25 years before the big screen | 1993-2017

    Pop corn and drink, a deep breath, lights go down and the film begins! How many of us love to go to the cinema to feel emotions, to smile, reflect, or cry?
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  • Road accidents
    Road accidents | 2019

    Driving is useful, driving is fun, driving is a great responsibility for yourself and for others: a comic to reflect together, with lightness and depth, on the importance of working together for safer roads.
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  • Viaggi e vacanze
    Trips and holidays in Italy and abroad | 2018

    Map in hand, water bottle in your backpack, spirit of adventure and imagination and your holiday is ready! By plane or car, by the sea or in the mountains, in Italy or abroad, how exciting is it sometimes going far from home?
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