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ATECO (Classification of Economic Activity) 2007

Since January 2008 Istat has adopted the new Ateco 2007 classification of economic activities. The migration of economic statistics to the new classification follows a specific calendar for individual statistical surveys and the same for all EU countries.

This classification is the national version of the European nomenclature, Nace Rev. 2, published in the Official Journal of 20 December 2006 (Regulation (EC) no 1893/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2006).

Ateco 2007 has been set out and approved by a specially convened Steering Committee. In addition to Istat, which coordinates it, it requires the participation of several institutional figures: the Ministries concerned, the Bodies which manage the main administrative data sources on enterprises (the Revenue Agency, Chambers of Commerce, social security institutions, etc.) and the main business associations.

By working in close collaboration with the Revenue Agency and Chambers of Commerce a single classification has been made. For the first time the world of official statistics, the Revenue Agency and Chambers of Commerce adopted the same classification of economic activities. This result represents a significant step forward in integrating and simplifying the information gathered and handled by Public Administration.

An automatic coding tool makes possible to assign an Ateco 2007 code according to a brief description of the economic activity supplied by the users. It is available also a tool for browsing the whole text of the classification and for identifying parts of the classification in which a specific word has been entered by the user.

All documents of Istat’s Ateco 2007 and the tool are only available in Italian language.

For more in depth information, please refer to Migration of short-term statistics to the Ateco 2007 or send an email to